BioVibe Pain Relief Belt Wrap | Alternative Pain Management Technology

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PLEASE NOTE:  AB+, AB- and B- Formulations are currently unavailable as we are still in testing phase.  Please check back later or contact us through


How Does The Belt Wrap Work?

  • Product is applied directly to the area of pain.
  • Relief can be experienced within minutes. (Response times may vary)
  • Our studies show pain level reduction lasts as long as the product is worn.
  • Belt Wraps use revolutionary blends of minerals mined from the Earth. 
  • There is a specific formula for each blood type. (A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, AB+, AB-)
  • These different stones and minerals “vibrate” at specific frequencies.
  • Designed to enhance cellular vibration through frequency response.

 Why Is Frequency Important ?

“When we bring the crystal into our electromagnetic field, two things occur.  The electromagnetic frequencies carried by the stone will vibrate with related frequencies in their own energy field through the physical law of resonance, creating a third larger vibration field.  The nervous system is attuned to these shifts in energy and transmits this information to the brain.  Here the frequencies stimulate biochemical shifts that affect the physical body…”                                                                                                          [Simmons & Ahsian 2005:28]

BioVibe Belt Wrap Instructions:

  • Wrap product around belt, bra strap, cord, or suspenders near or on the desired area for pain relief. 
    • Lower back and sciatica pain – wrap around belt or tuck folded in pocket
    • Neck and shoulders pain – wrap around bra strap, cord or suspenders
    • Foot or ankle pain – tuck inside sock or shoe
  • Product can be placed in pockets
  • Product can be used in combination with the BioVibe Band

Blood Type

It’s important you know your blood type or the blood type of the intended user, before purchasing a BioVibe product. After countless hours of pain studies, our team has developed individual formulas for each of the eight major blood types. 


Our Belt Wraps are made of comfortable denim and assembled by hand here in the US. Their sleek, thin design makes it convenient for direct application to the affected area(s).