FAQs | Revolutionary Pain Management Technology

How long does it take for BioVibe products to work?

That depends on the individual.   Based on study data & testimonials, it can take anywhere from seconds to several minutes or longer.  Most people notice a response in a few minutes.


Will it react with any medications I am taking?

To date, no adverse reactions to medications have been reported.  If you feel you are having a negative reaction, stop using BioVibe immediately and contact us at support@biovibe.com.


How long will my pain relief last after removing the BioVibe product?

Client experiences indicate that when the product is removed, a positive response may last for hours, days or longer.  Others need to keep the product on constantly.  Results will vary.


Can others try my BioVibe product?

Only share BioVibe product if the person you are sharing it with has the same blood type that is printed on the BioVibe product label. 


Can the BioVibe product cause more pain?

It is possible if you are using the incorrect blood type product; however, if you experience any unpleasant results when using the product, immediately discontinue use and contact us at support@biovibeproducts.com.


Why doesn’t the BioVibe product seem to work as well on rainy days?

Our data suggests it might be dosage related.  On rainy days, you may need more than one pocket patch and/or band to get the same results.


Why did my BioVibe product stop working?

There are three reasons this might occur.

  • You are in geopathic stress.  Try moving around your area/home until you feel it working again.  To learn more about geopathic stress click here
  • It is a high precipitation day. Try adding another BioVibe product to the affected area or keep yours on constantly.
  • Addition of a new medication.


Does it work for everyone?

Our study data indicates over a 90% positive response rate.  Numerous things can affect how it works and we will be posting information on our site as the data is analyzed. 


Can I wear my Biovibe Product through airport security?

We recommend you remove BioVibe product prior to going through airport security and place in carry-on bag or in the plastic bin along with your belt, shoes etc.  Resume using BioVibe product once through the security checkpoint.