Introducing BioVibe Pocket Patches


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BioVibe Pocket Patches for pain management:


PTSD, Back Pain and Arthritis Relief

I’ve been using the BioVibe patches for the last 10 months, and they work for me.  I have back pain and arthritis in my hands.  I believe in these products!!  They have really helped me keep going when trying to work around the farm.

I also have to deal with PTSD, from Vietnam.  After many years of NOT SLEEPING, I started taking them to bed with me.  Finally getting some good sleep…this is going to be a life saver for me.

Dennis B. – Michigan


Broken Arm Pain Relief

I have been involved in the BioVibe study for relieving pain.  I decided three months ago to stop using Ibuprofen or pain which is what I usually used.

During the study I mainly used the patch provided for my blood type as I saw more improvement, I would take the patch and pin it to my clothes and wear it all day.  I had just broken my arm and shoulder in August which resulted in a reverse shoulder replacement.

I am amazed at how much pain is relieved with using the BioVibe product.

Annis T. – Michigan


BioVibe pocket patches can be placed in pockets, tucked in waist bands and socks or simply laid across the affected areas of pain. 

All BioVibe products are made from quality materials and easily cleaned by hand washing and air drying.  Even if they accidentally end up in your washing machine, they will continue to perform great although we do advise you hand wash.   

All BioVibe products should last for 10+ years when taken care of properly.

Customers have reported finding relief with BioVibe products on the following areas

Sinus Pain Cough Neck Pain
Sore Throat  Earache Stiff Neck
Muscle Tension Cramps Ankle Sprain
Muscle Pain Planter’s Fasciitis Headache 
Arthritic Pain Fibromyalgia Joint Pain