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BioVibe Bands for pain management:


Mouth and Oral Pain Relief

 In 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 4 maxillary cancer.  After numerous surgeries, chemo, and radiation therapy, I was left with painful side effects.  The pain was mainly centered in my mouth and even oxycodone didn’t fully relieve it.

 After I was introduced to BioVibe products that all changed.  The straps were a godsend as they relieved the pain.  I put one around my mouth at first and it fully relieved the pain.  Later I discovered it would work as well around my neck and that is how I use it every day.

 Thank you BioVibe for creating a product that works for pain!  Like I said the straps are a godsend and I am grateful every day.

Denise J. -  Ardmore, PA

 Neck Pain and Arthritis Relief

 I am now able to manage the pain in my neck due to arthritis caused by a car crash years ago.  I’ll be living with neck pain from now on… but I secure the strap around my neck and the pain stops.  I am certainly happy that I have this wonderful alternative.

 I don’t know how it works… it just works!

Martha O. – Michigan

Wrap BioVibe around your waist for ankle pain relief.

Areas/Uses that customers have reported feeling relief:

Sinus Pain Cough Neck Pain
Sore Throat  Earache Stiff Neck
Muscle Tension Cramps Ankle Sprain
Muscle Pain Planter’s Fasciitis Headache 
Arthritic Pain Fibromyalgia Joint Pain